European Cup – Report
  19th Jun 2019

Those who were not lucky to be there can’t be aware of how the great event they missed. They also missed the opportunity to visit one of the most amazing places on our planet. 10th Open European Junior and Senior Taekwon-Do Cup 2019 and International Taekwon-Do Cup for Cadets and Children in Sochi, Russia made with great scale in the Iceberg Olympic Hall have exerted an unforgettable impression on all participants.

Between 06th and 09th, June 2019 at the Iceberg Olympic Hall in Sochi, Russia, All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation organized an exceptional event. 

Almost 1000 participants from 29 countries such as: Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan,  Belarus,  Belgium,  Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Georgia,  Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania,  Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan,  United Kingdom and Uzbekistan came to Russia to check their abilities and compete with the best.

Master Lazaros Tsilfidis president of All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation with help of amazing organizing committee under the leadership of Maxim Lavrinenko and Anna Katrenko and with the financial and organizational support of the Local Government and the Ministry of Sport and with cooperation with All Europe Taekwon-Do Association manages to create an amazing event. 

Iceberg Olympic Hall was decorated on a world-class level. Medals, trophies, certificates and diplomas were beautifully designed. Focus on the details made overall appearance unforgettable.

The opening ceremony of the 10th Open European Junior and Senior Taekwon-Do Cup 2019 and International Taekwon-Do Cup for Cadets and Children will be something that remains in participants memory for a long time. Presentation of all countries, artistic performances depicting dances such as folk, ballet or ballroom dancing, presentation of different aspects of Taekwon-do and finally traditional Russian live singing performance made a big impact on the audience. Finally, the organizers thanked present officials: GM Paul Weiler – ITF President, Master Tadeusz Łoboda - ITF Secretary-General and AETF President and representatives of the Authorities for their support and presence, welcoming them with traditional beautifully decorated bread and salt, and handing out paintings, matryoshkas and handmade traditional knives. 

The competition was conducted on 6 rings using the system Sport Data Event Technology and supervised by AETF Tournament and Umpire Committee: Master Alexander Dunbar - Chairman, Grand Master James Tijn-A-Ton - Member and Mr. Attila Solti – Member who were watching over the competition and the work of the umpires. 

After the hard struggle on the rings, the best clubs and competitors were: 
10th Open European Junior and Senior Taekwon-Do Cup 2019 

Best Female Senior Competitor:
– Szpak Paulina – LKS Sparta Głubczyce, Poland

Best Male Senior Competitor:
– Gaponenko Stanislav – All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation, Russia 

Best Female Junior Competitor:
– Nedosekina Alexandra – All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation, Russia 

Best Male Junior Competitor:
– not determined – too many competitors with the same medal result. 

Best club Seniors – point classification:

1. Ludowy Klub Sportowy Sparta Głubczyce, Poland
2. Combat Sports Academy, Poland,
3. IFSC, Irland,
4. Sports Club Taekown-Do “Kaskad”, Belarus,  

Best club Juniors – point classification:

1. The Israel Taekwon-Do Center, Israel
2. Combat Sports Academy, Poland
3. Maccabi Haifa, Israel
4. Belarusian Public Union Of Taekwondo, Belarus

International Taekwon-Do Cup for Cadets and Children

Best Female Children Competitor:
 – Zhurova Aleksandra - All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation, Russia

Best Male Children Competitor:
– Umerov Arslan – All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation, Russia 

Best Female Cadet Competitor:
– Luniewska Karolina – Minski Klub Sportowy Taekwon-Do, Poland 

Best Male Cadet Competitor:
– Tiutikov Ilia – Maccabi Haifa, Israel

Best club Children – point classification:
1. Sports Club Taekown-do “Kaskad”, Belarus
2. Belarusian Public Union of Taekwondo”, Belarus
4. JU CHE, Belarus

Best club Cadet – point classification:
1. Minski Klub Sportowy Taekwon-Do, Poland
3. The Israel Taekwon-do Center, Israel
4. Belarusian Public Union of Taekwondo, Belarus

All results of the competition are available on SportData website under the tab downloads.

You can find them by choosing the following links: 

10th Open European Junior and Senior Taekwon-Do Cup 2019

International Taekwon-Do Cup for Cadets and Children

One more time we wish to congratulate the organizers and Master Lazaros Tsilfidis for such an amazing event which participants will remember for a long time.