Euros 2022 in Croatia - Schedule for the verification and the weigh-in
  20th Apr 2022

To the Team Managers

of Countries participating at the Euros 2022 in Croatia

Dear Team Managers,

Please find attached the schedule for the verification and the weigh-in for competitors participating in the European Taekwon-Do Championships 2022 to be held on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 in Sports Hall Intersport, Point Plava Laguna b.b, 52440 Porec, Croatia

Each competitor must:

- appear within the time slot specified in the schedule, even if not competing in the individual sparring.

- show Competitors I.D.-Card for these event.

- show their National Passport or National I.D.-Card (Not the ITF Degree Card).

- hand over their completed declaration of consent form (enclosed) for these event - also available on SportData under the link:

We will follow the schedule and the weigh-in will close at 11:45.

In the case of a rejected weight the competitor has a maximum of 1 hour to come to the second and final weigh in.

In case the rejected weight was later than 10:45 the competitor will still be allowed 1 hour to come to second and final weigh in even if it is later than 11:45

The whole weigh-in verification procedure will be held according the ITF Combined Rules of Competition - Appendix 10 (Page 131) available under the link:


Please find below files to download "Declaration of consent & Verification and Weigh-In Schedule"

Files to download: Type Size
 Verification and Weigh-In Schedule pdf 225.93 KB