Examination and Progress Celebration at Serradels Sports Club in Andorra
  16th Jan 2024

On January 15th, at the facilities of the Serradels Sports Club in Andorra, an examination session took place under the supervision of Master Oros Duek, president of the European Federation and a pioneer in the introduction of Taekwon-Do in Andorra.

During the examination, students were assessed on forms, fundamental movements, Sambo and Ibo Matsogi, sparring, and breaking techniques. An oral examination was also conducted, which the students successfully passed. After the examination, Master Oros Duek shared with the students the importance of continuing to develop Taekwon-Do in Andorra.

Finally, he observed the progress of third Dans Rodrigo Garcia and Alejandro Adanti. Master Oros Duek congratulated Rodrigo for the work he has been doing to date, motivating him to achieve the upcoming goals of Taekwon-Do in Andorra.