Extreme Fighters Summer Camp in Rome
  20th Jul 2019
Five days of hard training in Rome at the Sporting Center THE MONSTER to attend an intensive and interesting program of Taekwon-Do and combat sports from July 8th – 12th, organized by the Extreme Fighters Team in collaboration with FITAE-ITF.
Participants from the five continents gathered at the Extreme Fighters Summer Camp (Anguilla, Argentina, Australia, Holland, India, Norway, Sweden, Uruguay, Italy) with enthusiasm and great energy to celebrate the joy of living and to share our
zTaekwon-Do passion. With real pleasure we welcomed Master El Sheikh, and Sabums Carlström, Hovelius, Ventura, Permuy and several members of Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Indian and Italian national teams.
Some working sessions were held simultaneously in two halls and included classes of  Taekwon-Do, boxing, MMA, light contact and kick light.
Highly qualified Instructors shared the tatami to offer the best experience to the participants:
GM Wim Bos, with his usual enthusiasm and charisma, held all the Taekwon-Do classes dedicating time to basic techniques, patterns and their applications, assisted by Timothy Bos, current Pattern III degree World Champion. All participants showed great interest, concentration and respect for a well known GM that every day put all his energy and teaching skills on the tatami. A real treat for some of them that did not have the chance to train with him for some time.
Master Leandro Iagher, who recently took part in the International Coach Conference, directed the Taekwon-Do and Light Contact sparring session in cooperation with Timothy Bos that  showed all techniques and drills, sparring with all to challenge everyone for the best. Lots of drills, pad work and sparring situations have been professionally explained in full details and put into practice producing "some" sweat.
Mr. Alessandro Manfredi, top full contact and boxing expert presented a very interesting and detailed class giving the cue for applications to our fighting style.
Mr. Michele Verginelli, MMA fighter and champion, engaged our athletes in complicated motions and locks, very far from our martial art but really interesting under many points of view. Something definitely new for some of our defendants. 
Mr. Alessandro Luciani, kick light expert, gave us and overview of several techniques introducing the participants to the kick light rules and techniques. Another challenge for all of us. 
Our gratitude goes to the hosts Mr. Claudio Del Falco and Ms. Clara Guggiaro, for opening their Sporting Center to us and for welcoming everybody with warmth and kindness, and to NI-KKO SPORT for presenting the official EF Summer Camp t-shirts.
Besides the indoor morning and afternoon training, the participants had the chance to run and train among the magnificent ruins of the Roman Aqueducts, to visit the Eternal City and to relax in the large swimming pool of the sporting center. 
On the last day, the pleasant and informal party by the pool was followed, despite the fatigue of the five intense days, by an epic football session "Italy v. The Rest of the World" in a very intensive and hilarious match and ended with a refreshing night dip in the pool.
The survey results were extremely successful showing 100% satisfaction of the multidisciplinary camp and the willingness to attend next year EF Summer Camp. Some of the proposal and suggestions will be certainly considered for next edition in order to enrich and enjoy the event even more.
Our main satisfaction and pride was to see that everyone trained hard in all sessions, despite the high temperatures (right in the middle of the European heat wave), always with a big smile, contagious enthusiasm and high energy. This was our goal and we did it!
Last but not least, thanks to all participants and to their families for sharing some unforgettable days with us.
We trained, we shared our passion and our sweat, we have made new friends and have consolidated others, bonding day by day with a positive and inclusive atmosphere. 
The Extreme Fighters Team is now full of energy, ready to work hard for next edition and looking forward to the main events: NI-KKO Roma Open (Feb. 22-23, 2020) and the EF Summer Camp 2020.

GM Wim Bos
Master Leandro Iagher
Mr. Timothy Bos
Ms. Tiziana Mimmocchi