First Message of the AETF Women Committee
  15th Feb 2022

First Message of the AETF Women Committee

The ‘ITF Adult Harassement Policy’ was accepted by the ITF Board of Directors in May 2021. The aim of the policy is to prevent harassement, to protect ALL adult ITF practitioners and staff and to guarantee their safety. It also offers procedures to report and investigate incidents and complaints.

The policy has been send to all ITF affiliated country members last year. However, the newly nominated AETF Women Committee would like to emphasize the importance of the policy once more by asking all european countries to support it by publishing the document on the national website, to include the policy in the national internal regulations and to send it to all of their instructors. Together we can preserve the safety of our members and make sure each dojang is a safe place.

The policy can be found by clicking he here.

The AETF Women Committee would also like to encourage all european countries to establish a national Women Committee. You can count on our support!

A survey will be published soon. We count on your participation to inform us on what the needs of european female practitioners are. Stay tuned, you will hear from the committee soon!

AETF Women Committee

Master Annick Van Driessche                          Sbn Sally Gleaves                   Bsbn Svetlana Zakharova
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