FUJIMAE tour in Bulgaria
  28th Oct 2019

On October 19, 2019 on the invitation of Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do in the Taekwon-Do gym of NSU “Sofia” was held the fourth edition of FujiMae Tour. This was the first edition of this seminar in Europe and was conducted by Sabum Nim Leo Oros Duek from Israel and Master Jerzy Jedut from Poland. 

A total number of 56 practitioners holders of green belt and above participated in this event. The seminar started with Master Jerzy Jedut who shared his last training methodologies using kick shields and paddles which were physically challenging but very well accepted by everybody.

After that Sabum Nim Leo Oros Duek continued showing self-defense techniques giving more emphasis on the attitude that people must perform in dangerous situations.

At the beginning the participants were a bit shy because most of them met the foreign guests for the first time but in a while all of them felt really comfortable and started asking lots of questions and explanations what made a very difficult task for the instructors to fit in the preliminary seminar time table.

In the end some of the practitioners received protective gear from FujiMae Company - one of the official ITF suppliers.

In the evening Sabum Nim Leo Oros Duek and Master Jerzy Jedut had a calm and cordial dinner with some of the instructors from Bulgaria discussing several internal and international matters.

Yavor Tasev
Secretary General