Invitation to 149th IIC in Poland
  6th Jul 2021

Polish Taekwon-Do Association has an honor to host the 149th International Instructor’s Course, which will be held from 10th to 12th September 2021 at the Zdzislawa Niedziela’s Sporthall, Zygmuntowskie Allee 4, Lublin, Poland.

The IIC will be conducted by Members of the Technical Committee:
Grand Master Hector Marano - IX Degree, Chairman of the ITF Technical Committee
Grand Master Ung Kim Lan - IX Degree, Member of the ITF Technical Committee
Master Jerzy Jedut - VIII Degree, Member of the ITF Technical Committee

For the first time in Europe we will have the ITF Adopted Taekwon-Do introduced as part of the IIC. This session will be conducted by: Sbn. Leo Oros Duek, VI Degree, the Chairman of the ITF Inclusion Committee.
The seminar will be held with special presence of Grand Master Paul Weiler - IX Degree, ITF President;

The seminar will take place in Lublin, administrative centre of the voivodship and the capital of the Lublin Region. The City as home to 365 thousand inhabitants is the biggest town in Eastern Poland. The location of the town atop loessial rolling hills of the Lublin Upland in the valley of the Bystrzyca and its tributaries is one of its assets.
For more information about Lublin see the official website:

The Lublin has its own airport (Lublin/LUZ). The city has also a very good highway connection to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
A trip by car (170 km) from the Warsaw Chopin Airport to Lublin takes up to 2 hours.

Poland is also in good diplomatic relations with all countries in Europe and in the world therefore all participants should have no difficulties in obtaining visas, regardless of their political or religious orientation, of course if requested on time.

With a great pleasure the organizing committee will assist all participants in any organizing matters as much as possible.

In case of any questions or doubts please contact the PTA HQ office at:

We look forward to see you all in Lublin, Poland.
Yours in Taekwon-do,
Master Jerzy Jedut

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