ITF Open British - Report
  9th Jan 2019

Saturday, 24th November saw the second ITF Open British take place at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell, Scotland.

The competition attracted some 721 competitors from 54 clubs and 7 Countries; Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland and Uzbekistan. The participation included many past and present European & World Champions all vying for the title of Open British Champion 2018.

The event administration was handled by Sportdata Event Technology and four rings in the afternoon and evening sessions for the over 14yrs and adults, would use the Sportsdata ITF Scoring Software. With the competition being held over one day, and entry numbers higher than anticipated the organisers worked hard to ensure the event went as smoothly as possible and according to schedule. The event was run with three schedules of morning, afternoon and evening. In the morning all competitors up to the age of 13yrs competed in patterns, sparring and special technique with 12 rings in the main hall and a special area was made in the Annex to accommodate and showcase the special technique events over 4 areas. All competitors not competing until later could use this area for warming up.

The umpires worked very hard to maintain the morning schedule and all events in both arenas were finished by 12:45.

Whilst the main arena was rearranged to have five 7x7m areas and two 6 x 6m areas, to accommodate the afternoon and evening schedules, the umpires had a welcome lunch time and break.

To start the afternoon schedule the ITF open British were very proud to host four additional categories to promote the work being down in Scotland to support the Additional Support Needs (ASN) community. The event saw 10 competitors compete in pattern and sparring events and split by age of up to 13 years and over 13years. As organisers we hope in the future this division grows, and we see more participation from schools across the UK, and Europe.

During the afternoon session started at 14:30 with Patterns in the main hall for 14-17, 18-35 and over 36yrs and special technique and power in the Annex area. Once all the patterns were concluded the sparring event started and included a number of European & World Champions taking to the floor, with all divisions being extremely competitive with a high standard shown across all the age ranges.

Sponsors Mightyfist Europe donated limited edition gloves to the winners of the 18-35 years Black Belt Sparring Categories.

Might Fist Glove Winners

MALE Up to 63kgs Reuben Williams (ITF Fusion England)
MALE Over 63-70kgs Ross Penman (I-Kick MA Scotland)
MALE Over 70-78kgs Iain O’Hare (Braveheart MA Scotland)
MALE Over 78-85kgs Gilles Brown (Sth Queensferry TKD Scotland)
MALE Over 85kgs Harley Wilkie (United TKD Federation Scotland)
FEMALE Up to 50kgs Shelby McQuade (Howden TKD Scotland)
FEMALE Over 50-56kgs Katrina Carr (NTA Boydell TKD Scotland)
FEMALE Over 56-62kgs Daphne vd Wijngaart (Sportschool Tim Kool, Netherlands)
FEMALE over 62-68kgs Romy Mottershead( T-UK England)
FEMALE Over 68-75kgs Romy Staal (TKD Team Vrijsen, Netherlands)
FEMALE Over 75kgs Daisy Loke (Sportschool Tim Kool Netherlands)

On behalf of the organising committee we’d like to thank all the competitors, umpires and coaches for their support, and congratulate them on their results.

Overall results of club, and individual competitors can be found below


BEST CLUB 1st PLACE: GMAC Martial Arts (25 Gold, 21 Silver, 34 Bronze)
BEST CLUB 2nd PLACE: NTA – Master Wallace Black Belt Academy (15 Gold, 16 Silver, 16 Bronze)
BEST CLUB 3rd PLACE: TAE – Churchward Schools of Taekwon-Do (14 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze)

All medal lists can be found on the Sportdata Events Archive.


YOUTHUp to 7yrsFEMALEEzel DervishGREEN300T-UK England
YOUTHUp to 7yrsMALENathan FarrellWHITE210GMAC
CADET8-10yrsFEMALEDemi BarnettRED201T-UK England
CADET8-10yrsMALELewis Nelson*RED111ABC
PRE-JUNIOR11-13yrsFEMALENeve OrrickBLUE300TAE-Churchwood
PRE-JUNIOR11-13yrsMALEAlexander BradwellBLACK300Hwa-Rang
JUNIOR14-17yrsFEMALEJemma Swinbourne*BLACK200South Queensferry
JUNIOR14-17yrsMALEJack Walker*BLACK200I-Kick Martial Arts
SENIOR18-35yrsFEMALEDemi van de CoolwijkBLACK210TKD Team Vrijsen
SENIOR18-35yrsMALEPjotr Urban*GREEN200Hwa-Rang
ADV. SENIOR36+yrsFEMALEDebbie WilsonBLACK300T-UK Scotland
ADV. SENIOR36+yrsMALEGary McAvoy*BLACK200Gmac

(*) These overall divisions were tied with others of same medal totals. The Organising Committee decided that a tied overall medal tally would be decided by the number of matches undertaken during the category eliminations
(*) These overall divisions were tied with others of same medal totals. The Organising Committee decided that a tied overall medal tally would be decided by the number of matches undertaken during the category eliminations

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