ITF Patterns Unleashed - Online Performance Seminar - A great success during Co-VID 19 crisis
  24th Jun 2020

A little background first.

In April 2020, during the height of the CoVID pandemic, Master Meyour decided to start an online coaching project that would eventually become the ITF Patterns Unleashed project.

This project kicked off in strength and now we offer coaching for members from multiple countries such as the US, The UK, Scotland, Belgium, Italy and France.

After some thought, we had the idea to expand the online sessions to actually host a seminar that would go beyond simply a training session. That gave birth to the first Online Performance Seminar that was held on the 13.6 and was fully booked with 100 participants from all around the world in attendance.

The 4th long seminar content included the following:

A Sport Psychology session by Tiina Röning, one of the most recognized Sports Psychologist in Finland. The theme of the session was the skills needed to cope with CoVID-19. 

Then it was the turn of Physiotherapist Sanna Rantasaari to take the stage and give a lecture followed by a small training session about the proper way to perform a warm up and and how to gain flexibility through strengthening your muscles.

After a proper workout by Ms. Rantasaari, 2 x world champion Miss Mira Sjövall gave an eye opening session about how to generate flow, fluidity and relaxation in Patterns by taking logics from Hip Hop bounce and implement it into the sine wave. This "out of the box" approach was really highly appreciated by many who praised this young lady's teaching skills and logical approach to the sine wave, one of ITF most iconic trademark. 

The last session was a discussion between dance coach and Alexander technique expert Harri Antikainen and ITF Master Thierry Meyour. The session reinforced the proper performance of the sine wave, the anchoring as well as the use of the proper body alignment and the back chain to generate stability and genuine relaxation, therefore generating power in Patterns.

The seminar was really highly appreciated, as it was one of the first time ITF techniques were presented from a totally different perspective and it proves that cross discipline training can only be beneficial to the progression of our art. It was amazing to hear from a movement expert that when understood correctly, the sine wave we have in ITF Taekwon-Do is one one the most logical and natural way to move. Mr Antikainen has also helped other arts such as WT Taekwondo and Karate, but also Ice skating, Ice hockey teams and his words were that FINALLY he seems people moving in a natural way.

Here are some of the feedback we received:

  • "I really enjoyed the seminar. The range of subjects covered was excellent and directly applicable to my own school. Many elements I plan to implement as well. It was a new experience to do this online and look forward to more in future. Thank you Master Meyour and all the instructors and speakers." 
  • "Great seminar with all the seminar leaders ? Of course not all is new but always good to see and hear how others it explain. Compliments and we are looking forward to number 2 ?"
  • "A great few hours spent with like minded enthusiasts of martial arts. Fantastic to bring other disciplines on board and how they help develop the body. Confidently delivered, well researched and kept alive by the enthusiasm of the team. Most importantly for me it all made absolute sense - thank you to all of the instructors involved."
  • "All teachers were excellent, were inspiring to learn more after each session. For Tiina Röning, it was a really clear, and insightful presentation. Sabum Rantasaari, was really professional and really knew her part, but maybe got a bit lost in counting repetitions. Bosabum Sjövall, very energetic and suprised how easily she thought her part. Master Meyour and Mr. Antikainen, both experts in their field got together and supported eachothers sayings in how the teachings can be applied to ITF"
  • "outstanding, the approach taken is revolutionary. it dig deep on the fundation of the movement, touching topics like relaxation that are rarely touched normally. best seminary i've been in my life".
  • "I thought Sanna’s session was amazing! My legs felt energized for the following session with Mira, rather than just reactive, if that makes sense?
  • "Mira’s section was so eye opening! Her explanation and demonstration of flow and movement was perfectly translated into how I can improve my own movement! Maybe I’m biased, being such a big fan of Mira, but I enjoyed her section the most! 
  • "Master M and Mr. H’s portion was a masterclass! By bringing in outside experts in their respected field, the Patterns Unleashed program is ensuring students always get the most up to date, and advanced theories and practices cross training! This was a truly phenomenal seminar that I can’t wait to attend again!"

We are now planning the next seminar. 

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Master Thierry Meyour
7th Degree
Black Eagle Taekwon-Do