Leading ALTF instructors attended the seminar and raised their skills to III and V Dan
  30th Aug 2021

On the 21st-22nd of August, 2021 the leading instructors and board members of All Latvian Taekwon-do Federation Sergejs Saulite, Deniss Tokarevs, Aleksandrs Stadnicenko and Arturs Saulite visited Lubartow (Poland), the city of many world champions, training under the guidance of Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII Dan), as well as ITF, AETF and RTD offices in Lublin, had a meeting with ITF General Secretary Master Tadeusz Łoboda.

Master Jerzy Jedut conducted a very useful and interesting seminar, which was forced to the fundamental activities of basic technique, 12 TUL, step sparrings and their teaching methodology!

Master Jedut is more than a real Taekwon-do professional, Taekwon-do is his life, and he is ready to teach and teach continuously! We have charged with this energy and are ready to share the achieved experience and skills with our students!

In the evening of August 21, an attestation exam took place, where the Master tested the following disciplines: TUL , sparring, self-defense, board-breaking skills and theoretical knowledge.

In the process of passing the exam, psychological and physical fatigue accumulated, but the result of a long preparation process was the successful passing of the exam of all members of our federation.

Our congratulations to the instructors of All Latvian Taekwon-do Federation with the following DAN: Sergejs Saulite, Deniss Tokarevs , Aleksandrs Stadničenko with V DAN and Arturs Saulite with III DAN.

This is a really great achievement for the federation and we can be proud of it, keeping in mind the limited training conditions.

Many thanks to Master Jerzy Jedut for raising up the level of Latvian Taekwon-do technique for a long period of time.

We will continue to improve our and our students' technical skills anywhere, anytime, in any circumstances!