Letter of AETF Acting President to AETF Members
  23rd Mar 2020

Dear AETF Members,
I would like to write to you and thank you for the support we received after the cancelation of the European Championship that should have taken place from 29th April till 4th May 2020 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Everybody understands and agrees with the decision. 

Today we live in a strange time; it never happened that a European Championship was canceled ore postponed.

But strange times ask for strong decisions.  

The boarders are closed and teams can’t travel.

In the countries there are complete lock-down and it is not possible to travel or even visit families.

Shops and factories are closing, etc.   

Unfortunately we have an opponent who is in this moment stronger than we.

But if we follow up the recommendations and guidelines from the medical experts in the way we always follow up our coach’s instructions, we can and will defeat this opponent.

We from the Board will do our very best to make the consequences less as possible.

But the health of all is the most important.

So please follow up the local instructions of the government and healthcare, and stay healthy.

We are thinking of you and empathize with you.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Coos van den Heuvel
AETF Acting President

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