Masters seminar in England
  27th Nov 2019

ITF England had its first ever Masters’ seminar on 9th of November 2020. seven Masters took part in the seminar which covered fundamental movements and patterns, self-defence and sparring. The seminar was held in Redhill, Surrey just South of London and was the first time this number of ITF Masters had come together from all over England to share their knowledge and experience.

This is the first of a series of seminars which will be held across England bye the six members of the Masters’ committee. The initiative has been organised by the ITF England technical director, Carly Wilson 5th degree. The Masters were introduced by the president of ITF England, master Anthony McKenna. Fundamental movements and patterns were taught by master Ken Chesterman 7th degree and master John Archer 7th degree. This was followed by a session on sparring drills taught by master Russell Dennis 8th degree and master Nick Simons 7th degree. The final session concentrated on self-defence and was led by master Phillip Lear 7th degree and master Martin Hewlett 7th degree.

the seminar was a great success and will be followed by several more initiatives organised by the new ITF England board of directors .