Moscow Challenge 2019
  27th Jan 2020

Nineteen years ago I organised the first Moscow Challenge. There were 630 competitors and it was a really huge competition for those times then. Therefore we were amazed with those above mentioned numbers! 

Time was running and we started to develop our federation All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation in all levels and various directions. And now, on 8th of December 2019 we achieved the number of 1930 competitors at this championships! The competition was run in 17 rings, just in one day, and only with Taekwon-Do items!

Now we already started the preparation for our anniversary competition. In this year it will be the 20th edition of the legendary competition “Moscow Challenge” and we will do all our best to exceed the number of 2000 competitors!! You are all invited to Moscow in December 2020! It will be worth being part of it. 

Meanwhile we encourage you to watch the photo galleries and small footages from the championships:


Master Lazos Tsilfidis
All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation