Mr. Neil Ernest in Finland
  8th Mar 2020

On the 15-16.2.2020, Black Eagle had the pleasure to host ITF Icon Mr. Neil Ernest from Wales.

About 50 students from around Finland came to experience the experience of Mr Ernest over 4 sessions. The theme of course was sparring and Mr Ernest built his sessions in a  very progressive way, explaining complex matters such as timing, distance, angles in a very simple and pedagogical way.

It was finally clear for many of us wondering the secret behind his amazing timing and simplicity in sparring, putting into words some aspects that, even though obvious, are often misinterpreted and ignored. The result was that by the end of the 4th sessions, the change in the approach to sparring from messy to structured was palpable and visible even within the lower grade holders.

On the Saturday evening after training, Mr Ernest was introduced to what he was dreading the most: the Sauna and Ice swimming. Which he eventually experienced and believe it or not even enjoyed.

It was agreed that Mr Ernest will be visiting Finland again... The experience was simply too valuable to leave it just there.