New AETF Board of Directors elected for 2021-2025
  8th Dec 2021

On November 26th, 2021 in the Conference Hall of Auditori i Centre Cultural de la Mediterrània, Plaza Almàssera, 1, 03530 La Nucia, Alicante, in Spain took place the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation Voting Congress with representatives of 37 European countries: Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Wales.

Together there were 78 participants among them the delegates, AETF Board of Directors and AETF Revisory Commission members and special guests: Grand Master Paul Weiler – ITF President, Master Tadeusz Łoboda – ITF Secretary General, Grand Master Willem Jacob Bos – Former ITF Director and Master Juan Ferrando, Former ITF Secretary General and Mr. Efraim Barak, legal adviser of ITF who always supported the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation with his legal knowledge.

The meeting was opened by Master Coos van den Heuvel, the Acting President of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation who together with Master Jerzy Jedut, the Secretary General conducted the Congress.

At the beginning Master Jedut handed in the gratitude letters to all the members of the Board of Directors, Revisory Commission and Standing Committees in order to thank them for holding their functions in the completed term of office 2016-2021 as an appreciation of their work for All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and the harmonious development of Taekwon-Do in Europe.

Subsequently the AETF Voting Congress elected the AETF Board Members and AETF Revisory Commission Members for the next term 2021–2025 in the following composition:

AETF Board of Directors:
Master Leonardo Oros Duek (Israel) - President
Master Virginia Dionisi (Belgium) - Vice-President
Mr. Yavor Tasev (Bulgaria) - Secretary General

Board Members:
Master Tomaz Barada (Slovenia)
Master Jerzy Jedut (Poland)
Master Alexandru Muresan (Romania)
Master Lazaros Tsilfidis (Russia)
Master Jorge Züger (Switzerland)
Mr. Peter Szasz (Hungary)

AETF Revisory Commission:
Grand Master Frank Vanberghen (Belgium)
Grand Master Panagiotis Gialamas (Greece)
Master Ray Nicolaisen (Norway)

AETF Voting Congress approved also the minutes from the previous meeting held on 11th  October 2019 in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the activity and financial reports.

During the Congress the representatives of the organizers of the European Championships/Cups in 2022 presented the most important information about the events.

Euros 2023 - Master Slavko Jereb, the President of the Croatina ITF Taekwon-Do Federation handed in the prospects of the upcoming 2022 European Taekwon-Do Championshps to be held from 25th April to 1st May 2022 in Porec, Croatia as well as give short speech about the covid-19 procedures.

European Cup 2022 - Mrs. Tizziana Mimmochi Bos, FITAE ITALY Board Member, gave speech about the 11th Open European Taekwon-Do Cup which should take place from 15th to 19th June 2022 in Lignano, Sabbiadoro, Italy. The delegates had also opportunity to watch a video presentation of the city and the venue of the European Cup as well as received advertisement prospects about the event.

Euros 2022 - Mr. Slavko Jereb from All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation, who was the organizers of the AETF European Cup 2019 in Sochi, Russia, made also a speech and presented video footage of Sankt Petersburg – the well-known city in Russia that will apply for the organization of the European Taekwon-Do Championships 2023. The AETF HQ will announce the contests soon and the final decision who will receive the organization rights will be taken at the next AETF Congress during the 2022 European Taekwon-Do Championshps in Porec, Croatia.