New Year, new Board and many good news for the AETF.
  25th Jan 2022

On 15th January 2022 in in the AETF HQ in Lublin, Poland was held the Annual Meeting of the AETF Board of Directors.

The meeting was attended by 8 Board members - Master Leonardo Oros Duek - President, Master Virginia Dionisi - Vice-President, Sabum Yavor Tasev - Secreatry General and the Board members: Master Jerzy Jedut, Master Alexandru Muresan, Master Jorge Zuger, Sabum Peter Szasz, Master Master Tomaz Barada (via Zoom) together with GM Frank Vanberghen and Master Ray Nicolaisen relatively Chairman and member of the Revisory Committee representing 9 European countries.

The previous AETF President and current ITF Secretary General, Master Tadeusz Loboda, was also present.

The minutes of this first meeting of the new elected board was kept by Mrs. Malgorzata Rogaczewska, the office assistant of AETF.

It was a meeting of great activity since not only the reports of the 2021 activities and the general status of the AETF were reviewed, but also the main projects for 2022 were worked on.

Among the most relevant definitions was undoubtedly the treatment of the candidatures for the European Tournaments of 2022/23/24 and 25 where by this moment Russia, Romania and Bulgaria expressed their willingness to work on the organization of these events and are preparing their proposals.

A special attention was given to the current COVID-19 problem, and its influence on both protocols and in the costs of the events, but always, considering the safety of the participants as absolute priority.

Among the new initiatives, the introduction of new categories in the European Cup competitions was approved. From now on pre-juniors, under 21 and veterans are added. Also it was pleased the concern of many Masters who want to continue enjoying the competition as adding the Masters category in patterns.

After the financial reviews, GM Vanberghen, Chairman of the Revisory Commission, presented his report and recommendations for the next administration, making special reference to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemy.

New committees - Women Committee and Adapted Committee were added to the internal AETF entities which are in charge to define the future of AETF.


By vote of all those present, the committees were formed as follows:


Tournament and Umpire Committee

1. Master Alexander Dunbar, Scotland - Chairman;

2. GM James Tjin-A-Ton Netherlands - Member;

3. Sbn. Attilla Solti, Hungary – Member;

4. Master Stefano Minotti, Italy – Collaborator;

5. Sbn. Petros Mikaelian, Russia – Collaborator.


Women's Committee

1. Master Annick Van Driessche, Belgium – Chairperson;

2. Bsbn. Sally Gleaves, England – Member;

3. Bsbn. Svetlana Zakharova, Russia – Member.


Inclusion Committee

1. Master John McIlvaney, Scotland – Chairman;

2. Master Pat Barry, Ireland – Member;

3. Sbn. Benito Martinez Martinez, Belgium – Member;

4. Sbn. Nadezhda Khlebunova, Russia – Collaborator.


Technical Committee

1. Master Jerzy Jedut, Poland – Chairman;

2. Master Lylian Doulay, France – Member;

2. Master Jarosław Suska, Poland – Member;

4. Master Alexandru Muresan, Romania – Collaborator;

5. Master Orlando Saccomanno, Italy – Collaborator.


Disciplinary Committee

1. GM Frank Vanberghen, Belgium – Chairman;

2. GM Panagiotis Gialamas, Greece – Member;

3. Master Ray Nicolaisen, Norway – Member.


It was agreed that Master Leo Oros Duek to be appointed as supervisor on behalf of ITF of every event of the AETF Inclusion Committee as he is creator of the Adapted Taekwon-Do training program.

It was agreed that the AETF will announce additional contest via e-mail and website for the applications members of the AETF Marketing Committee and Scientific Research Committee.

Master Leo Oros Duek mentioned that in the future he would also would like to establish AETF Kids Committee.

A day of work as intense as productive.

A new Board with the energy that the AETF deserves.