Nikko Roma Open 2019 Report
  11th Mar 2019
The 4th NI-KKO Roma Open 2019 was held on 23rd and 24th of February in Palatorrino Sportshall in Rome, the Eternal City. 

High technical level, professional management, friendly atmosphere and touristic appeal are the ingredients of this open competition that this year hosted athletes from 14countries. The event was organized by the Extreme Fighters team, led by GM Wim Bos, assisted by Master L. Iagher and S. Minotti, Sabum P. Gentile and Ms T. Mimmocchi.

Since the very beginning, several World and European champions have been attending the competition that was the first one designed with the "Grand Champion" formula.

This edition gave athletes the opportunity to refine their preparation for the upcoming World Championships and to establish new strategies and goals. We had the honour to receive Master Tomaz Barada and the Slovenian national team with the aim of getting the best selection for the WC in Germany.

We have been honoured to welcome some well known international referees, as Master Philip Lear, Sabum Rory De Vries, Rachel Kennedy and Jeff  Brider, and had the pleasure to spend some quality time in the evening. 

Saturday was dedicated to Seniors and Juniors competitions that showed top performances by several multi-champions that won the gold medals and the prestigious prizes: Lylian Doulay, Bartosz Slodkowsky, Karolina Konik, Timothy Bos, Ursa Terdin, Li Selma, Bo Rook, Mira Sjovall,  Massimo Persia, Sven Hojs, Tyra Barada, Homen Antti, Rintanen Anti.

The winners of the senior black belt competition won a money prize, the NI-KKO ROMA OPEN special edition gloves, presented by the main sponsor NI-KKO SPORT, whilst the pattern gold medalists got a big trophy and a top quality dobok presented by MIGHTYFIST.

Sabum Lylian Doulay won the PATTERN GRAND CHAMPION challenge and conquered the huge trophy and the 2019 title.

On Sunday Cadets and Children were the protagonists of the pattern and sparring competition as well as the newly introduced high jump special technique. We love to dedicate a whole day to the youngest athletes and let families and friends enjoy their performances.

NI-KKO ROMA OPEN is a good opportunity to visit Rome, to enjoy our history and art and to train in the Extreme Fighters centres as many foreign competitors have chosen to do before or after the event.

Hope to see you at the 5th NI-KKO ROMA OPEN in February 2020!