Open Ghent Cup
  6th Jun 2019

On June 2nd in Oostakker, near Ghent (Belgium) the Open Ghent Cup was being held in the Edugo Arena. With 250 competitors from Belgium, Ireland, GD Luxembourg, The Netherlands and England, 50 umpires and 40 volunteers, the competition was open to coloured and black belts.

Kids 3 to 7 could compete in kids sparring, for youth, juniors and seniors there was competition in tul, sparring and special techniques.

The organization was a cooperation between the ITF-Belgium U&T Committee and Taekwon-Do School Chon-ji, main organisers being Nico Van Linter and Nico Tunyck. They did a great job, with an eye for detail.

The atmosphere was good, the level was high.

We were honoured by the presence of GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen (Belgium), GrandMaster Brendan O’Toole (Ireland), Master Val Douglas (Ireland) and Master Nigel Stobie (Ireland).

In the morning, during the championship, both GrandMasters present conducted a Master grading. Mrs. Virginia Dionisi was promoted to VII°degree, becoming the second female Master in ITF-Belgium.

We’re very proud of this good news.

With kind regards,
Master Annick Van Driessche
President ITF-Belgium