Report from Anxur Battle 2019
  26th Apr 2019

On Sunday, April 7th 2019, at the PalaCarucci in Terracina, Italy, took place the Taekwon-do ITF International ASI Open Tournament Anxur Battle and was a huge success! 

Approximately 250 athletes mostly from Italy and overseas, came together to participate in the classic Taekwon-do ITF tournament with all of its combined forms. 

The event organizer was Master Carmine Caiazzo VIII Dan, FITAE-ITF President (National director of the Martial Arts) together with his wife Dr Catia Savarese, ASD ASI Instructor at the Massimo Caiazzo Gym. (V.Le delle industrie n. 7 c/o Power Body Center.) 

Fantastic organization by Master Carmine Caiazzo and his longtime friend Luca Maragoni who wonderfully and professionally refereed was on the great level. The event was open to all categories and belt holders. The participants demonstrated exceptionally high technical and competitive level. 

In the championships participated delegations of Ireland-Ispiration Taekwon-do Masters Connolly, the Vozhrazdane Taekwon-do  Bulgaria, the Sweden Tyreso Kampfsport of Master Jhon Lijesteram and of course the attendees from the Italian schools.  

The medal classifications of schools were as follows: 

The first place took Master Cammarota Ciro and De Lucia’s ASD Club Crew Fighters 

The second classified club was: Master Minotti, Bos, Iagher’s Extreme Fighters from Rome 

Third place went to Master Rinaldi Fabio’s Joy Sport Guidonia club

Fourth: the Masters Manno and Luconi’s ASD Four Kicks from Arezzo

Fifth: Master Carmine Caiazzo’s ASD Palestra M. Caiazzo from Terracina


The Grand Champion 

The finals of the Grand Champion were great, where the winners of the black medal’s category up to 70 kg and over 70 kg face each other.

In the category over 70 kg, there was a “family fight” between Luca Iovane and Alessandro de Ponto from Master Fabio Iovane’s Iovane Martial Arts School. Finally, Alessandro De Ponto won.

Also great was the final in the category up to 70 kg between Biocca Cesidio from Master Persia’s ASD MMA in Abruzzo and the Swedish champion Mikhail Kairas from Master Jhon Lijerstam’s Tyreso Kampf Sport, who finally won the fight.

Master Carmine Caiazzo commented the championships with the following words: 

“The event was fantastic. The results were excellent and the organization was impeccable. The league and the success of these events confirm that the FITAE-ITF Federation, of which I am the President, is the most powerful Taekwon–Do organization/federation in Italy. I thank everyone for the success of the event. In particular, I’d like to thank my wife Catia who with me makes ongoing our historical gym; and my children, Massimo, Caren and Chiara that helped in this event. 

Words of thanks go to the municipality of  Terracina that has sponsored the event and the cons ed il cons. Comunale Sara Norcia, G. Sciscione’ local TV station  Lazio TV. I would like to thank also to all the supporters, in particular, the Carnevale brothers, the Nikko Sportand  Di Fonzi SARA’DITTA  Bazar. The medical garrison made up by the Croce sud Pontino and the doctors Roberto Palmacci and Adriano Benedetti. 

I would like to thank also to Master Maragoni Luca who took responsibility for the umpire matters, 

the technical staff made up by Guido Mele, Gian Luca De Simone and G.Luca Nicolia, the operative staff made up by  G. Luca Nicolia, Silvio, Lorenzo, Giovanni Ciocia, Veronica, Cristina and all the wonderful people that have contributed to making this event great. We appreciate the participation of all the technicians, Masters and athletes that have attended the Anxur Battle. I would like to thank the doctor Giuseppina Maragoni for their support about the realization of the manifestation. Now we have the World Championships in Inzell in Germany. And the next meeting in Terracina will be a unique show. The 3rd National Gala of Martial Arts planned at Terracina at the PalaCarucci the next June. ”

Master Carmine Caiazzo 

FITAE ITF National President