Seminar with Master Suska in England
  12th Feb 2020

On the weekend of 8th and 9th February, the All England Taekwon-Do Association (AETA) hosted a seminar with 6 times World and 20 times European Champion, Master Jaroslaw Suska from Poland in Tonbridge, Kent.

280 students from all over England and from various organisations took part in the open event that ran over two days with 4 sessions. Session 1 was for the under 10 years with many children excited to meet the legend that they have watched on YouTube. Session 2 was for 10-13 years which had over 60 children in, Session 3 was for 14 years and above colour belts and black belts which had over 115 people take part and then finally on the Sunday Session 4 was for 14 years and above Black Belts only.

Also in attendance was Mr Lukasz Grygiel from the Black Belt Project, he took many videos and photos that he uses to promote his great products.

Each session was at full capacity and Master Suska taught tirelessly, always giving more in each session. He demonstrated his incredible skill that he has achieved through dedication and hard work. As well as enjoying some very fast warms ups, the students got to learn some drills that he developed to increase his ability and strength in kicking, lots of consecutive kicking that included explosive power.

The students also got to work on their patterns where Master Suska showed some corrections for those who required them and gave advice on how to improve their techniques.

In the Sunday the Black Belts enjoyed working with Master Suska on revision of the colour belt patterns as well as the 1st to 3rd Degree patterns. With 3 other Masters in attendance this was a really special occasion with all the students so keen to learn from a true legend in Taekwon-Do.

The refreshing thing about this seminar was that it was a real Taekwon-Do seminar with only a small amount of sport training at the end of the Sunday Session. Master Suska really demonstrated his passion for our art and also his love for teaching.

At the end of the weekend Master Suska received a diploma of gratitude and some sweet gifts to enjoy on his return to Poland.

On behalf of the AETA we would like to thank Master Suska for his incredible instruction everyone who took part really had a wonderful time and enjoyed not just his teaching and demonstrating, but also his stories from when he was taught by General Choi.

Master Philip Lear
Secretary General