Seminar with Oleg Pronevich in Latvia
  14th Nov 2019

This year we have already organized a traditional seminar with successful and well-known taekwon-do athletes and coaches from abroad - just the best in the world of taekwon-do. We learn from better to be better!

For two days on November 9 and 10, 2019 at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education sports hall, a fascinating and extremely useful seminar for the students and coaches of the All Latvian Taekwon-do Federation was conducted by the president of the Belarusian Taekwon-do Association, coach of many world and European cup and championship winners International instructor Oleg Pronevich (5th Dan, Minsk, Belarus) with one of his best students Dmitriy Tsvirka (2nd place in world championship) and Yevgeny Zarankevich (3rd place in European championship).

It is attended by 103 interested students and instructors from 3 clubs of the All Taekwon-do Federation - CHIN-GU (coach Sergej Saulite, 4th Dan) - 29 participants, CHIN-GU (coach Artur Saulite, 2rd Dan) - 28 participants, VICTORIA-T (coach Denis Tokarev, 4th Dan) - 21 participants, ALEXCLUB (coach Aleksander Stadnicenko, 4th Dan) - 25 participants)!

The three parts of the workshop were planned with the increasing level of complexity and intensity, that was suitable for all age and level of mastery students!

On Saturday, in the first part, Oleg Pronevich conducted an interesting lesson, which was focused on his step technique improving using a taekwondist belt. Mostly, these exercises provide the optimum distance and rhythm choice when attacking or defending. In second part, participants performed complicated reaction in pairs and done sparring in groups to the first point, which encourages the athlete's thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and courage to attack and counter-attack. The first day of the seminar ended with emotional team games and plays.

On Sunday, the last part of the seminar focused on improving tactics - picking the posture and distance, counter-attacking against the various attacking techniques and, of course, sparring. The seminar culminated with the “Euro League Championship”, where the final match was between Evgeniy Zarankevich (BLR) and Stanislav Tarnavsky (LAT) – draw. It was indeed a very useful and exciting seminar for our coaches and students! Those who constantly participate in trainings, competitions and seminars are becoming the strongest physically, technically, tactically and psychologically every time! I would like once again to thank the seminar leader, Oleg Proņevich, for his excellent seminar, for his high mastery, for following the latest trends in tekvon-do, and for inspiring the pedagogical process.

We are loaded with motivation to improve our mastery for the next year! Two years we organized seminars with leading of Taekwon-do coachs - in 2018 Alexander Leonov from Russia (5th Dan, now 6th Dan) and in 2019 Oleg Pronevich from Belarus (5th Dan). What will be in 2020?

We continually strive to learn, develop and grow both quantitatively and qualitatively!
Thanks to all participants, their parents and coaches for the opportunity to learn better!!!
See you in Latvian and international Taekwon-do tournaments!

President of All Latvian Taekwon-do Federation
Sergejs Saulite, IVdan