SOLOVEY'S TOUR in Argentina
  1st Apr 2020

In February 2020 Mr. Oleg Solovey, Vice-President of All Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union and the Head Coach of Ukrainian National Team and his son Vitaliy Solovey, triple World Champion in individual sparring (twice as junior and once as senior) and four times European Champion (twice as junior and twice as senior), visited Argentina with a sparring tour. This was the second visit of Ukrainian instructors with the seminars in Argentina. In 2014 Oleg Solovey and multiple World and European Champion Kateryna Solovey visited Buenos Aires with their sparring-seminar. 

The organizer of SOLOVEY'S TOUR was Mr. Ariel Alemano, the head coach of the Argentine National Team. At first Oleg and Vitaliy Solovey participated in training camps with the Argentine national team and then Vitaliy took part at the International Summer Cup tournament. He competed in the absolute weight category, in which the winners in their weight categories took part. Before the finals, Vitaliy won two duels with the winners in the weight categories -57 and -63 kg and in the final he met the legend of Argentine Taekwon-Do, 5-time heavyweight champion - Mr. Sebastian Lurashi. In the tense final, Vitaliy won with a score of 2-1 and became the winner of this tournament. After the competitions, Oleg and Vitaliy Solovey held 10 workshops (seminars) in different parts of Argentina. The seminars were attended by more than 700 Argentinean Taekwon-do practitioners. 

The visit of Oleg and Vitaliy Solovey was so successful that the Argentine's federation invited them already for a similar tour in 2021.