Taekwon-Do in Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019
  4th Oct 2019

The “Sofia – European Capital of Sport” Foundation and Sofia Municipality organize Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019. Between 15 and 22 September representatives from 12 countries took part in the meeting of the fans of the modern urban disciplines and activities, which have become more and more popular in the last years. The festival responds to the great interest in the new urban sports and is a direct consequence of the organized by “Sofia – European Capital of Sport” Extreme Fest, which is to evolve into an even bigger in scope and range forum.

Competitions, demonstrations and show acts accompanied with music, dances and urban culture made the centre of Sofia a super colourful sport arena for a period of 8 days.

14 sports, a total of over 20 activities, workshops will provide much fun with the new sports and disciplines, favoured by the young population in the city zones.

Acrobatics, Basket 3×3, Yoga, arm wrestling, karate, stunt, mini football, orienteering, parkour and street fitness, sport climbing, street dances, Taekwon-Do, folk fest and urban sports….Along with demonstrations with BMX, skateboards, roller blades and many others.

Members of Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do participated in this event with demonstrations and small improvised competition. It was a very nice surprise to meet in Sofia new friends in Taekwon-Do representing Turkey with delegation leader Miss Burcu Unger.

Yavor Tasev
BAT Secretary General