The biggest Russia Taekwon-Do Cup
  25th Mar 2019

All city was full of billboards promoting the biggest Russia Cup ever!! Totally 1600 competitors, 3000 fans,  from all over Russia came together on 16-17 March 2019 to compete at all Taekwon-Do divisions: patterns, free sparing, pre-arranged sparring, power test and special techniques, individual and team as well.

The Vice Minister of sport was present and during friendly conversation he asked me the following questions: "How it is possible that You have so many competitors while at the same day in sport hall that is located few kilometres from here another Taekwno-Do organization has competitions with only 20 (twenty) yes only twenty competitors??"

The answer is that we love our art, this is our life and the only way is to be the best at it.

All the event was covered by the major media channels and I stayed one extra day to participate at the telecast. 

You can see here

We are waiting for You all the first ever open for all countries Euro cup!

The President of All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation

Master Lazaros Tsilfidis