“The First Glove”
  28th Feb 2019

“The First Glove” a tournament which has become a traditional one, took place on 9th of February 2019 in Minsk, Belarus.
The newcomers of the clubs Kaskad, BROT, Chu-Che, Litvin participated successfully in the tournament. More than 200 newcomers joined the ranks of Taekwon-Do sportsmen. This tournament is famous for the fact that beginners aged 5-17 venture in the ring competing with those who are beginners too. It creates just and comfortable conditions for everybody who takes part in the event. This year the tournament was a little bit different because Taekwon-Do is getting younger and therefore it is getting transformed. For the youngest sportsmen aged 5-7 a new kind of competitive program were developed, adopted and implemented which help to appraise children's physical abilities and gained skills in an interesting and exciting way.

Apart from traditional program (tul and matsogi) there were such divisions as speed test, power test, kick technique and kids-sparring. For kids Taekwon-Do shouldn't be associated with “bashing faces”, it is proved by the experience of those countries where Taekwon-Do is on the highest level. We are aiming to the same goal.

Looking back on the competition which was hold we can surely say that our beginners have jumped off to a good start, gained the precious experience of their first competitions and of course won their first medals.

Let's wish them further success on their Taekwon-Do way.

Yours sincerely,
Oleg Pronevich
Belarusian Association of Taekwon-Do