Umpire Seminar in Bulgaria
  15th Feb 2022

Umpire Seminar in Bulgaria

On February 13, 2022 in NSU “Sofia”, Sofia, Bulgaria was held national seminar for umpires qualification of Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do. The event started with the presentation of the new Chairman of the Umpire Committee of BAT Sabum Mario Danov replacing Sabum Yavor Tasev who could not take the leadership of this Committee any more as taking the position of AETF Secretary General since end of November 2021.

In the seminar leaded by Sabum Vencislav Ignatov and Sabum Mario Danov took part a total of 62 umpires who refreshed their knowledge in the disciplines pattern, sparring, special techniques and power test. A special attention was given to the Bugarian organizational system and BulScore scoring system with detailed presentation by Sabum Ivan Apostolov.

As custom, from many years, Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do works actively with parents of competitors assigning them umpire positions not requirng special Taekwon-Do knowledge and skills.

In the end of the seminar all participants filled qualifying test to assign umpire classes from valid for Bulgaria.

This event was very useful for the preparation umpire team of BAT for the upcoming championships, and especially the one to be held in the city of Elin Pelin on February 19-20, 2022.

Yavor Tasev

BAT Secretary General