Umpires for Euros 2019 Selected
  15th Aug 2019

AETF Tournament & Umpire Committee composed of Master Alexander Dunbar (Scotland) – Chairman, Grand Master James Tijn-A-Ton (The Netherlands) – Member and Mr Attila Solti (Hungary) – Member selected umpires for the upcoming 34th Senior and 25th Junior European Taekwon-Do Championships. 

50 Umpires selected by the T&U Committee are representatives of 21 AETF member countries such as: (Currently, AETF brings together 37 National Taekwon-Do Associations, being the most numerous continental ITF Organization) Belgium (2), Bulgaria (2), Denmark (1), England (4), Finland (2), Germany (3), Hungary (1), Ireland (5), Italy (3), Latvia (1), Moldova (1), Netherlands (1), Norway (5), Poland (2), Romania (3), Russia (4), Scotland (1), Slovenia (2), Spain (4), Sweden (2), Ukraine (1).

All Umpires must be registered to the competition by the National Associations to which they belong. Registration should be made by ITF online database/ Sportdata tab. 

Below please see list of the chosen Umpires: 

Surname and Name Country Degree Umpire Class
Aalto Saija Finland VI. Class A
Anthony Mckenna England VII. Class A
Banea Ciprian Toma  Romania V. Class A
Barry Pat Ireland VII. Class A
Barsemanto Alberto Maximiliano Spain  V. Class A
Betele Hallgeir Norway VII. Class A
Bjørndalen Raimon Norway IV. Class A
Bourne  Stephen England  V. Class A
Brider Jeff England  IV. Class A
Cáceres Mañas Ana Maria Spain VI. Class A
Cendron Andrea Italy VI. Class A
Chesterman Ken England  VII. Class A
Creslovnik Jan Slovenia VI. Class A
de Vries Rory Netherlands  V. Class A
Eggesbø Gunnar Norway V. Class A
Fogarassy Tibor Romania IV. Class A
Gombos Attila Hungary V. Class A
Hassanipour Omid Norway VI. Class A
Häyrynen Teppo Finland VI. Class A
Heinrich Sven Germany VII. Class A
Holmberg Anders S.M. Sweden V. Class A
Ibric Tamara Slovenia IV. Class A
Ignatov Vencislav Bulgaria V. Class A
Kennedy Rachel Ireland IV. Class A
Kharzheeva  Elena Russia IV. Class A
Kim Maxim Russia  VII. Class A
Kortegaard Brandt Thomas Denmark V. Class A
Lewicki Roman Poland II. Class B
Logozar Peter Sweden VII. Class A
Łuniewski Karol Poland III. Class B
Maragoni Luca Italy VII. Class A
Martinez Benito Belgium IV. Class A
McMullen Declan Ireland VI. Class A
Melhus Rolstad Camilla Norway V. Class A
Mikaelian Petros Russia V. Class A
Minotti Stefano Italy VII. Class A
O Rourke Patrick Ireland VII. Class A
O'Mahoney Adrian Ireland  VII. Class A
Picallo  Matías Spain VI. Class A
Popa Cristian Romania IV. Class A
Postu Ion Moldova VI. Class A
Ramón Viudes José Spain VIII. Class A
Saulite Sergejs Latvia IV. Class A
Schwaiger Andreas Germany VI. Class A
Sokolovska  Viktoriia Ukraine  IV. Class A
Tasev Yavor Bulgaria IV. Class A
Ten Alexander Russia IV. Class A
Van Damme Eddy Belgium VI. Class A
Wagner Adalbert Germany VIII. Class A
Wallace Jacqui Scotland IV. Class A

We congratulate all selected referees and wish them good work, fair and wise decisions, and as few gam jums as possible.