Visit of Master Leonardo Oros Duek in Bulgaria
  14th Jan 2022

On invitation by Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do (BAT) the President of AETF Master Leonardo Oros Duek visited Bulgaria before the annual meeting of AETF Board of Directors in Lublin, Poland, scheduled for 15.01.2022.

The inviation aimed to inspect several sport facilities for future intentions of Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do to host significant events of ITF and AETF together with Mr. Vencislav Ignatov and Mr. Yavor Tasev, relatively President of BAT and Secretary General of BAT and AETF.

For the future planned events was chosen the city of Varna which is the one of largest towns on the Black sea, also called the Sea Capitаl of Bulgaria.

Schedule for 12.01.2022 - Varna:

  1. Visit to the Palce of Sports and Culture of Varna, inspection of all avilable facilities, meeting with Mr. Atanas Georgiev, Tecnical Director of the facility.
    Playground: 45 x 27 m; 5000 seats; VIP lodge.
    Suitable for European Cup 2023, 2024.
  2. Visit of Albena resort (33 km from Varna) - the First European Resort of Sport, meeting with Mr. Denis Tahirov, Sports Events Manager of the Complex.
    Suitable for ITF/AETF Courses and Seminars.
    Multifunctional Sports Hall | Albena Resort, Bulgaria
  3. Visit of Kamchia Complex (28 km from Varna) - inspection of sports facilitites and accommodation conditions, meeting with Mr. Todor Todorov, Manager of the Complex.
    Suitable for ITF/AETF Courses and Seminars.
    Kamchia Resort – Kamchia Resort (
  4. Meeting with Mrs. Kristiana Kazandzhieva, CEO of Agenda Ltd. (, expert in the field of Europen Projects. On the meeting was made presentation about the programs for projects of European Union and was discussed opportunities for future cooperation for the benefit of the members of AETF. Mrs. Kazandzhieva was very pleased with the job done for the Adapted Taekwon-Do guidebook and said that this a solid ground for all AETF instructors to provide valuble contribution for the European Community with their services in this area.

Schedule for 13.01.2022 - Sofia:

  1. Meeting with Mrs. Vanina Milanova - President of the Assembly of European Multisport Club Association (EMCA -, Secretary General of Levski - Sport for All and Mr. Lyusien Velchev - President of Levski - Sport for All ( , founder and developer of Police Sport Organizations in Bulgaria, former distinguished leader of Balkan and European Police Sports Unions.
    Master Leo Oros Duek expressed his gratitude for the support of his candidature and the one of Mr. Yavor Tasev for the elections for AETF BD members, held in Spain in the end of last year and the guests received as a gift his guidebook for Adapted Taekwon-Do as well as the special ITF booklet. The AETF President received conmemorative badge of SC Levski. Mrs. Milanova and Mr. Velchev were really impressed by the Adapted Taekwon-Do guidebook and expressed opinion that the topic for the development of disadvataged people for sure will be highly appreciated as an asset for the European Union and is very promising for execution of successful European Projects which Mrs. Milanova is expert in.
    Both Sides declared their will for future cooperation in every given possibility.
  2. Master Class conducted by Master Leo Oros Duek - held in the sports hall of NSU “Sofia”. As conclusion of the busy schedule of the visit of Master Leo Oros Duek a special event previously coordinated with ITF was organized for a total of 34 holders of red and black belts. During the Master Class the AETF President gave different approach to the techniques of self defense and detailed explanations for the purpose of simple and entertaining exercises which left all participants filled with satisfaction.