We have finished a new World Cup
  9th Oct 2022

We have finished a new World Cup in this case number eight.

The organization was in charge of GM Win Bos and Master Tomas Barada with more than 1300 competitors, and a total of 2000 people between Coaches, authorities and supporters, we can say that it was a party.

I especially want to congratulate all the European countries for the great performance, Poland for being first in the medal table, Ukraine that despite all its difficulties once again showed its indomitable spirit qualifying 2nd in the medal table, England 4th, Finland 6th, Finland 7th. Hungary, 8th Romania, 9th Norway and 10th Italy.

Very good things are coming for Europe and remember we are all AETF, Together more than ever to make our continental federation much stronger.


Master Leonardo Oros Duek