Women Committees on national level in Europe
  29th Jan 2023

So far in Europe 4 countries have a national Women Commitee, while in 3 other countries the proces of establishment is ungoing. All of these committees have their specific story. 

We will have their report 2022 or the story of their start on these pages in the upcoming weeks. 

Today we start with the newest of these committees, the Women Committee ITF-Austria.

The Women Committee ITF –Austria was established at the beginning of 2023. 

Christina Mechacek, V° degree formed the committee together with Katja Walter, II° degree and Bernadette MacCallum, I° degree: “As the name suggests, special attention is given to the presence, development and strength of our female members in the National Federation. The founder of Taekwon-Do, Grandmaster Choi Hong-Hi, once said ‘My dream has finally come true. The basic idea of spreading and teaching Taekwon-Do without restriction regarding religion, ideology, national boundaries or races.’ Accordingly, the Women's Committee's main goal is to pave the way for equal rights and equality for all female members in our Austrian clubs. 

Another important issue is to raise awareness against psychological and physical violence. In this context the committees sees itself as the first point of contact for all female members of ITF-Austria, and Christina (, Katja ( and Bernadette ( can be contacted by e-mail at any time.

The Women Committee ITF-Austria already held its first meeting. The ladies are looking forward to revealing their planned projects soon. Check the ITF-Austria Instagram page regularly for updates.