Wroclaw, Poland Degree Test 2021
  17th Mar 2021

Each year there are three black belts grading scheduled in the calendar of the Polish Taekwon-Do Association. The first grading in 2021 was traditionally held in Wroclaw on March 13.

Degree Test
This time the black belt grading was exceptionally important. Many young people took the exam, who had been appointed to the Polish Junior Team. Depending on the exam results some of them will attend the XXXVI Senior and XXVII Junior European Taekwon-Do Championships in the La Nucia, Hiszpania, 23.11 - 28.11.2021.

Traditionally, the chairman of the panel of examiners was GM Ung Kim Lan, 9th Degree. He was assisted by Master Jerzy Jedut, 8th Degree, Master Adam Alenowicz, 7th Degree and Master Zbigniew Semp, 7th Degree. Due to the high number of participants - 59 persons the grading started already at 10.00 a. m. on Saturday.

The exam started with the theory test. The examination committee prepared 130 questions about Taekwon-Do, of which each participant, in order to receive a pass and pass the practical part of the exam, had to answer correctly at least 7 questions out of 12 asked.

According to accepted rule as first candidates for 1st Degree took the exam. They were performing patterns, step sparring, self defense, free sparring and chosen foot techniques, special techniques, power tests and theory. Together 26 students out of 43 candidates got promotion for 1st Degree.

The second part of the grading started at 16.30 on Saturday Afternoon. It was the turn for the candidates for higher degrees.
8 people were promoted for the 2nd Degree, three people for 3rd Degree, 3 people for 4th Degree, 1 person for 5th and 1 person for 6th Degree.

The exam was carried out in compliance with all sanitary standards related to Covid-19, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Sport for Polish sports associations.

Congratulation to all who have passed the grading.

#NameClubNew degree
1Roszczyk AdamNKSTKD Nowy SączVI
2Bejm TomaszKS Dragon JanówV
3Bejm PatrykKS Dragon JanówIV
4Bielanów TomaszSK WAT WrocławIV
5Undro GrzegorzSK WAT WrocławIV
6Blicharski MarcinWSKT WrocławIII
7Jęczmień PawełSK WAT WrocławIII
8Murdza SewerynSK WAT WrocławIII
9Bomba-Czekaj AnnaKST Grodzisk Mazow.II
10Drążkiewicz MarcinCentrum TKD WrocławII
11Frydrych MaciejKS Wojownik KłobuckII
12Hordiienko DanyloBKST Sonso BytomII
13Jóska PawełATKD IN NAE RawiczII
14Młynarska AleksandraKST Grodzisk Mazow.II
15Semp SzymonCentrum TKD WrocławII
16Sonik MaksymilianKAT KrakówII
17Banakowicz SzymonSKT AN-DO Pruszcz GdI
18Cebula MarcinNKSTKD Nowy SączI
19Chlasta TomaszKSW NEPTUN GdańskI
20Chyra ŁukaszKKSW LubinI
21Cieślak JakubRSCT Radzyń PodlaskiI
22Dul MichałSK WAT WrocławI
23Dwornik MateuszKST Tornado SzczecinI
24Fidyk PiotrLZS BAT BełchatówI
25Gredys PaulinaMKST Bystrzyca Kł.I
26Hołda AlicjaWSKT WrocławI
27Kaleta MateuszBKST Sonso BytomI
28Kołacz SzymonFeniks-Arete RybnikI
29Kucharska JuliaSK WAT WrocławI
30Kuran AleksandraWSKT WrocławI
31Kwaśniewska KarolinaWSKT WrocławI
32Matysiak PawełKS Dragon JanówI
33Nąckiewicz WeronikaLKS Victoria DziałoszynI
34Ostański WojciechKKSW LubinI
35Papuga SergiuszLZS BAT BełchatówI
36Serafińska NataliaWSKT WrocławI
37Sitek LenaWSKT WrocławI
38Sójka BartoszKSW NEPTUN GdańskI
39Szpak AgnieszkaLZS BAT BełchatówI
40Trzepizur JuliuszLKS RESPEKTI
41Ulbin AntoniATKD IN NAE RawiczI
42Ulbin RobertATKD IN NAE RawiczI

The next black belt test will take place on June 19th, 2021 in Lublin.

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