XII Bulgaria Summer Camp Report
  8th Oct 2018

The XII Summer Taekwon-Do Camp organized by Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do was a great success. As usual the camp was held from 21 to 30 August on Black Sea resort Obzor, where we can find enough space for trainings.

This year we set a record with a total of 283 participants from 7 Bulgarian cities of and also we had significant number of participants from Greece leaded by GM Panagiotis Gialamas.

This large number of participants required serious preparation. There was different teams which were responsible for the different elements of the camp:

  • Training sessions organization team – responsible for separation of the participants according their technical degree (this year we had 8 training groups), assignment of coaches and assistants to training groups and topic for each training session, training process organization through the training facilities;
  • Beach games team – responsible for the organization of the daily games on the beach including provision of needed materials, division of the participants in 6 teams;
  • Transport and accommodation team – distribution of the participants in rooms and vehicles, preparation of several lists according to different criteria;
  • Restaurant organization team – responsible for the organization and order in restaurant for smooth and calm nutrition;
  • Evening animation team – responsible for funny end of the day, organizing different finny games, cultural representations, karaoke evening etc.;
  • Team responsed for materials – provides and takes care of tatamis, protective gear, shields pads, responsible for all activities where specific materials are needed;
  • Security team – in charge of the security and safety of all participants, organizes internal order, rules and protocols for leaving the camp, security organization during beach games.

Every one of color belt participants was given Behavior card where was marked with green points his/her achievements during the trainings, games and free time. The ones who got most green dots had the possibility to be present on extraordinary technical degree exam.

We hope to see everybody again next year!

Yavor Tasev
BAT Secretary General