XIII Bulgarian Summer Camp Report
  23rd Sep 2019

In 2019 Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do organized again the XIII Summer Taekwon-Do Camp on Black Sea resort Obzor from 20 to 29 August. This is the place where the camp organizers use for its good conditions for training and participants’ security.

This year we had a total number of 259 participants from Bulgaria and Greece and for the first time, we had guests from Slovenia. 

It was a real challenge to organize the accommodation and transportation of such number of participants but as usual, every activity was conducted without any problem, and the participants were very well informed and strictly followed daily activities schedule and restaurant regulations for calm and smooth feeding.

The participants of the regular training sessions were divided into 7 groups according to their technical degree. There was previously prepared detailed training schedule which included assignment of coaches and assistants to training groups and topic for each training session, training process organization through the training facilities. It was specially added extra training sessions for advanced competitors which were conducted by the leaders of the two guest delegations Mr Konstantinos Gialamas from Greece and Mr Vahid Drapic from Slovenia.

The entertainment of such a large group also needed a lot of energy in preparation. All participants were divided into 6 competition groups which every day participated in specially chosen and organized different game on the beach. Other funny games were included in the evening summary of the day which every time included a lot of dances.

The organization of every element of the cam required a lot of materials to be delivered on the camp like tatamis, protective gear, shields pads, games materials, including 2 kinds of own sound system etc.

We were honoured to have a special guest for a very short time GM Panagiotis GIalamas who delivered an extraordinary lecture about the history of Taekwon-Do.

We hope to see everybody again next year!

Yavor Tasev

BAT Secretary-General