XIV Palmira Cup in Saint Petersburg Russia
  18th Apr 2019

The Palmira Cup was the general rehearsal before the upcoming International Instructor Course and Open European Cup in June this year in Sochi, Russia, where You are all invited!!!

The Palmira Cup since its beginning is organized by Mr Oleg Krivoryk, the President of Saint Petersburg TKD Federation!

It was a bright competition that took place on 6th April 2019 and was the biggest ever championships with 1167 competitors from 26 Russia districts and 6 countries!

During this Years we were inviting teams from different countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Israel, Greece, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Poland, Belorussia, Armenia, Kirgizstan or Kazakhstan. Sometimes we were covering all or half of the expenses of the guests. This is an investment to friendship and goodwill. 

Dreams come true when You have passion, will and vision.

Teamwork is the secret of success. 

Kind Regards
Master Tsilfidis Lazaros
ITF Board Member
AETF Board member
All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation President

We invite you to visit the link below to see more photos of Palmira Cup 2019: 

Palmira Cup 2019 photo gallery