XIV Summer Camp report
  14th Nov 2020

Taking advantage of the loosened anti-COVID-19 measures from the Government Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do organized XIV Summer Taekwon-Do Camp on Black Sea resort Shkorpilovtsi from 20 to 27 August. Due to the special circumstances there were no special guests from abroad and the total number of 214 participants could enjoy only 8 days together.

It was a really difficult organize all activities regarding accommodation and transportation and whole organizational process of such number of participants without having the certainty that this event will happen.

The participants of the regular training sessions were divided into 7 groups according to their technical degree. There was previously prepared detailed training schedule which included assignment of coaches and assistants to training groups and topic for each training session, training process organization through the training facilities. 

Again the organization of the entertainment had very high level. The participants had additional division into 6 different teams which competed during the daily beach games focused on the physical preparation of the participants and the evening summary of the day which required more educational and artistic skills.

The improvised discotheque in the water during the last day on the beach was the most proper finish of this event.

We are very happy to say that even with such number of participants we did not have not even 1 COVID-19 case and all the organizational team of Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do would like to thank all the participants for the trust for participating in this year’s edition of the Summer Camp!

Yavor Tasev
BAT Secretary General