XXIV Central Taekwon-Do Summer Camp - Report
  15th Jul 2019

05 - 14.07.2019 at the facilities of the Faculty of Physical Education located at Akademicka 2 Street in Biała Podlaska held place XXIV Central Taekwon-Do Summer Camp.

This time, up to 150 participants from 12 countries such as; Argentina, Belgium, Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, England, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Romania come to Biała Podlaska.

XXIV Central Taekwon-Do Summer Camp traditionally began with an organizational meeting and division into training groups. During the meeting, Master Tadeusz Łoboda (VIII Dan) - Head of the Camp and Master Class lecturer presented the staff in which they came: Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII Dan) - Taekwon-Do Instructor, Master Jaroslaw Suska (VII Dan) - Taekwon-Do Instructor, Mr. Michał Cytryniak (V Dan) - Taekwon-Do Instructor, Mr. Andrzej Kozłowski -  Yoga Instructor, Mr. Sławomir Kamola (V Dan) - conducting self-defense classes , Ms. Izabela Łoboda - Educator and Ms. Joanna Małek - Educator. During the meeting, the participants were also familiarized with the health and safety rules and regulations of the Camp and the Camp Schedule.

Apart from training and consultations with trainers, participants of the Taekwon-Do Central Summer Camp had the opportunity to use the swimming pool and recreation area and the sauna (which Mr Andrzej Kozłowski prepared every day). Participants could also check their reflexes

and speed of reaction on the BATAK device.

During the XXIV Central Taekwon-Do Summer Camp, an art competition was organized as part of an additional attraction. Eager participants were to prepare works referring to Taekwon-Do. The best were awarded prizes and sweet gifts. The first place went to Bobrovska Natalia from the Warsaw Taekwon-Do Institute KWAN Warsaw. Second place went to Marek Witanowski from the Taekwon-Do School in Bartoszyceand the third, ex aequo, was awarded to the Sołtys Oliwia from the Częstochowa Taekwon-Do Academy and Świstowski Wojeciech from MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów. It turns out that not only a talent for Taekwon-Do but also artistic talent are dormant in our participants.

Another attraction organized for the participants was a trip to Warsaw – Capital of Poland, for which 23 people applied. The trip plan included visiting the Copernicus Science Center, visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watching the changing of the guards, visiting the old town of Warsaw where souvenirs could be purchased and finally a short visit to the Złote Tarasy shopping centre where most younger participants went to McDonald's. Older people at that time had a chance to see the Palace of Science and Culture located in close proximity to Złote Tarasy. The group was very disciplined and thanks to the punctuality of the participants, the whole plan was fully implemented.

On Friday, for the younger participants, the educators organized a disco. On which everyone could dance and have fun also the children had the opportunity to play and celebrate the birthday of their friend from Lubartów Jessica Malec, who turned 12 years old.

During the camp, there was also an exceptional international exam. Master Jerzy Jedut examined two people from Belarus and one person from Romania. All participants after the demanding exam obtained a positive result: Mihai Hondru 6 Dan, Vitaly Michelson 6 Dan and Sergey Shaplyko 1 Dan.

The Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp also visited Mrs Sabina Mason from Ireland, the chair of the International Taekwon-Do Federation Committee on Health and Antidoping. Together with Master Tadeusz Łoboda acting Secretary-General of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, they discussed issues related to WADA and anti-doping issues in ITF.

On the last day, the participants could not sleep for a long time, wanting to spend as much time as possible with their camp friends. On Sunday, tired, but with smiles and new knowledge, everyone returned home.

We would like to thank all participants for their presence and hard training.