Zoom Seminar with Solovey's Family
  16th Feb 2021

In the time of Covid-19 the electronic means of communication have grown to the limit, enabling international training without leaving your own dojang. Such a seminar was held on Saturday, February 13th, 2021 with the use of the Zoom application.

Mr. Oleg Solovey, 6th Degree, the Vice-President of All Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union and the Coach of the Ukrainian Taekwon-Do National Team, who has raised dozens of world and European champions in sparring, conducted the seminar together with Mrs. Katya Solovey, 5th Degree, 2-times World Champion, 9-times European Champion and 2-times World Cup Winner in Taekwon-Do ITF in sparring, privately wife of Mr. Oleg Solovey and Mr. Vitaliy Solovey, 4th Degree, 3-times World Champion, 4-times European Champion, World and European Cup winner in Taekwon-Do ITF in sparring.

The online sparring seminar led by the Soloveys' family, very well known in Europe and all over the world for their achievements in sparring, gathered together 268 athletes from 44 countries.

Special guests at the seminar were Grand Master Hector Marano (Argentina), Grand Master Willem Jacob Boss (Italy) and the President of the All-Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union – Mr. Valentin Zorba.

The seminar was conducted in Russian and English language, lasted more than two hours and was pided into two parts with a short pause. During the training sessions the Ukrainian athletes demonstrated work on the distance, training with targets, work pairs in protective equipment and with a group of people.